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BEHOLD Magnetic Kitchen Knife Block

  • Your beautiful answer to how to both securely store and display your best — and most frequently used — chef knives. With BEHOLD, your knives are always secure, always at hand. So there's no more searching through drawers looking for just the right knife.
  • Enhances the decor of your kitchen, because its handsome black background strikingly emphasizes the beauty of colored knives. And thanks to BEHOLD, even when your knives aren't being used, they'll still be hard at work making your kitchen look neat, organized and elegant.
  • Beautiful time-saver, too, because it makes knife selection fast, simple and accurate. And it’s a blade-saver, as well, because it keeps knives from being scratched and damaged in drawers.
  • Far more hygienic and easier to clean than other storage methods, as the knife blades lay flat on its surface. And its folding hinge makes BEHOLD very easy to store.

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