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SmarterEdge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • Smarter Edge from Chef’s Vision is smarter because it gives you two different ways to use it: 1. Put it flat on a counter for sharpening knives that are 6-inches or shorter, and because it grips the counter surface, it’s a safe and easy way to sharpen knives. 2. For knives over 6-inches, place Smarter Edge’s very clever V-notch on a counter corner — at this 45º angle, it’s much easier to sharpen longer blades without worrying about scraping and damaging a counter.

  • It’s also smarter because Smarter Edge has two different sharpening groves to cover all your sharpening need. One groove is a carbon sharpener, perfect for sharpening dull knife blades. The other groove is a ceramic sharpener, ideal for regular, daily or touch-up sharpening of knives. And remember, regular use of Smarter Edge can greatly extend the life of all your chef's knives.

  • Smarter Edge is also smarter because its small size makes it really easy to store, but it still can handle even the biggest and longest kitchen knife blades with ease.

    • And it comes in six very smart designer colors, so no matter which color you choose, it will enhance the décor of your kitchen — and, of course, it will complement all Chef’s Vision products.


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