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Our Delicious World

You and your dinner party guests
are about to embark on an
amazing culinary and cultural journey.

Imagine having a dinner party, the table filled with fabulous, exotic and delicious dishes of distant lands and cultures. But instead of booking a flight to a faraway country to enjoy a dinner like this, just open this very special recipe book.

“Our Delicious World” is your passport to preparing authentic, sumptuous and delightful dinner party dishes from countries around the world, and also learning about those countries’ food cultures and serving techniques. So you and your guests will experience not just a country’s fabulous food, but the culture that created it.

Chef’s Vision — home of magnificent Chef’s Vision knives, bamboo cutting boards, beautiful knife holders and more — encourages you to make “Our Delicious World” a moveable feast, shared with your family and friends. So they, too, can have wonderful dinner parties all over the world, without ever leaving their home or kitchen.

Welcome to a wonderful, new and memorable way to turn your dining table into a journey around the world.

Learn about the culture, history and dining etiquette. Create the perfect ambiance and table setting for your dinner party.
Authentic recipes from Japan, Spain, Thailand, Peru, Ukraine and Mexico. Host a fun party every week with your housemates, give your kids an immersive cultural experience or simply invite some friends over to share a wonderful meal.
Create napkin origami for each country to add a unique touch to your dinner party. Cherry Blossoms from Japan, a Fan from Spain, Lotus Blossoms from Thailand, a Leaf from Peru, a Sunflower from Ukraine and Aloe Vera from Mexico.