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How long does shipping take?

Shipping Times

(business days)

Standard Shipping  Expedited Shipping Priority Shipping
Contiguous U.S. 4 to 5 Within 2 Within 1
Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico 3 to 7 2 to 5 1 to 4


Do you ship outside the United States?

No, not at the moment, unfortunately. The products are available on Amazon.com and some have global shipping enabled. They should also be available on Amazon.co.uk shortly. 


Is the image on both sides of the blade?



Can they be sharpened?

Yes, absolutely. However, take care not to scratch the non-stick coating.


Are they dishwasher safe?



Will the knives stick to a magnetic knife holder?

Yes, the blades are made from 3CR13 Stainless Steel and will stick to magnetic holders.


What is the non-stick coating made of?

The non-stick coating is silicone based. It's non-toxic and has been approved by several food safety agencies including the FDA in America, LFGB in Germany, SGS in Switzerland, EC in Europe and DGCCRF in France.


Are these knives good for left-handed people, some knives have a sharp edge on one side making it only satisfactory for right-handers?

Yes, the knife edge is the same on both sides making it suitable for both right and left-handed people.


Do the knives come with blade covers?

There are blade covers available for the Landscape series and we're working on covers for the Cosmos series at the moment. The Landscape blade covers will work on the Cosmos Series but the colors won't match the handles.


Where are the knives made?

The knives are manufactured in the Guangdong Province in China.


If you have any other questions not covered here please email us at support@chefsvisionknives.com